Plans for Party

Birthday party, Farewell reception party, New Year party, Ladies association, anniversary

Domestic herb beef ShbuShabu
3000 Yen Per Person (including tax)

Yellowwtail Carpaccio
Deep fry food
Simmered dish
Domistic beef ShabuShabu
Root vegetable soup with Udon
Gelidium jelly


Wagyu steak
5000Yen per person (including tax)

Hors d`oeuvre with raw fish (sashimi)
Deep fry food
Wagyu beef steak
Root vegetable soup with Udon
Gelidium jelly


Add 1000 Yen to above plan and enjoy refill drinks for 2 hours

Orange juice, oolong tea, cola, ginger ale, hot coffee


Halal cake also is available whole cake for 4~5 person. 5000yen (not including tax)

Year-end party & New Year’s party

“Bonenkai” “A year-end party” The purpose of the party is to forget the woes and troubles of the past year, and hopefully look to the New Year.
Why you don’t celebrate with your friends and family in origami Asakusa Japanese restaurant
Eating warm food in the cold winter and have refill drinks for two hours.

New year opening hours

From 12/31 until 1/3 open without closing between Lunch and dinner time

Until 12/30 (Sun) From 12/31(Mon)~1/3(Thu) From 1/4(Fri)
Opening hour
Lunch 11:30~15:00(LO 14:30)
Dinner 15:30~21:00(LO20:30)
Opening from lunch until dinner without closing
Opening hour
Lunch 11:30~15:00(LO 14:30)
Dinner 15:30~21:00(LO20:30)

“Asakusa” our new lunch menu!!

It is something about the combination of Japanese curry and the beef cutlet
You can enjoy the curry with the rice or the udon with the delicious beef cutlet.

ASAKUSA 1800 Yen (excluding tax)

Beef cutlet
Today’s small appetizer
Vegetable curry

Our renewed vegetarian menu!!

We offered a new vegetarian menu starting from the 1st of November 2018.
We are committed to offering our customers the freshest, seasonal dishes that stand out when it comes to taste, color and creativity.
We add Fresh vegetables you grill it on lava stone from Mt. Fuji “grilled vegetables”.
With our popular handmade tofu.

Vegetarian course 2,800 yen (excluding tax)

Handmade Tofu
Today’s dish
Vegetable Tempura
Grilled vegetables
Today’s boiled rice
Dessert: Gelidium jelly (Tokoroten)

Japanese authentic things to do in Asakusa!

If you’re travelling as part of a small group.
If you’re looking for something a little more authentic to do in Tokyo
We have a fantastic plan for you‼
First wearing a rental Kimono, then have a delicious Japanese Food at our restaurant,
And the JINRIKISHA will be waiting for you to take you around Asakusa
Call our restaurant for reservation

◆ Contents: kimono rental + kimono dressing + rickshaw + Japanese lunch.
◆ Fee: 8,000 yen / person (including tax and service charge)
◆ Notes: It is possible to book from more than 2 people. Application will be made 5 days in advance.


We just hit 10k flowers on FACEBOOK!

We’re celebrating reaching 10K followers on FACEBOOK
Thank you to all our FACEBOOK followers!!

We appreciate your continuing support so we released a new meal course for only 5000 YEN!

The course is
Japanese appetizer
Simmered dish: fried tofu white fish and dried steamed delicious bean paste
Main: 3 kinds of Kyushu domestic beef herb steak
With grilled vegetables
Boiled rice with chicken and mushroom and Miso soup

Start from 24th of Oct to 30th of Nov

Beat the summer heat with our special hot menu

Start from 11th until 31st of August


The summer in Japan can be intense.

One of the best ways to combat it is to brave it and enjoy our special summer food after watching the beautiful Toronagashi

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